The Secret of NIMH Graphics P.L.A.I.N.

The Secret Of NIMH
Relax Mrs. Brisby, no need to be frightened, I've got more picks up now, and eventually I shall get more. Oh wait this is my work I can see why you might be afraid :) No but really folks, I will get more up and if you feel inclined to put some of your fan art up here I would love to have it. Just E-mail me.

This picture I made of Mrs. Brisby with Microsoft Paint, great program shows you how desperate I was at the time :)

I think this one came out rather well, but that is mainly cause I drew it while riding on one of those lovely yellow buses that make it so easy to keep a steady paw :)

This one really could be cleaned up a lot more but I really don't have a good program to do it, and I really just want to put some stuff up here. I made this for the art merit badge. A drawing of the same subject in four different mediums; pen, pencil, marker, and colored pencil :)

This website was created purely for the further enjoyment of the things created there in. I in no way intend to trample upon the rights of the people who created the stuff I put here. So please tell me if I have something of yours that you wish me to remove and please ask me if you wish to use any of my stuff. And in case you think I've missed something important in my disclaimer please tell me so that I might remedy it immediately. Thankyou