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Robin and Darian's NIMH Fan Fiction Archive
Basically the definitive collection of Secret of NIMH related fan fiction and looking better than ever at its new site.

The Secret of NIMH Archive
Just about every article ever written about the Secret of NIMH. In the worlds of the author
"This is a collection of all the articles I have been able to find about The Secret of Nimh, including stories about Bluth leaving Disney, articles about the future of animation, and reviews of the film itself"

This is one of the all around best Secret of NIMH related sites I have ever found.

Official NIMHmuck homepage

Just an update, the official nimhmuck site is back so go there and check it out.
If you'd like to see the actual muck though just telnet and have fun!

If you think I should add your page here please send an email.

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Secret of Nimh Ring

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