The Secret of NIMH Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Secret of NIMH have evil content?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on the intent of the question. If the question is, "Is the movie evil?" then the answer would be no. If the question is, "Does the movie portray evil in it?" then the answer would have to be yes. The potrayal of evil comes from Jenner who plots to take over the colony and murders Nicodemus and the scientists who expiriment on the rats and other laboratory animals. As an aside the book doesn't really portay evil.

How to play The Secret of NIMH Board Game?

Follow the instructions found here.

Where is the Justin & Jenner Shrine?

The Secret of NIMH Justin & Jenner ShrineUnfortunately this site is one of the many that appear to have dissapeared from the net. It went down some time August 2010 and July 2011. Most of it is available in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The banner links to it. Here is what I originally said about this site:

“I don't really know what to say about this site other than it's fun and has some really great content. So go check it out. Besides they have a link back to me and even use my banner.”

Is Mrs. Frisby surprised about all she learns or did she already know?

The short answer to this question is, yes, Mrs. Frisby was surprised. She even says, "I never knew." when reading from Nicodemus's book. Both the book and the movie are clear on this point. Unless we believe that she was feigning her surprise, which is unlikely or that the narrator is untrustworthy. Both of these points seem unlikely. In addition part of the excitement and mystery of this story is following Mrs. Brisby as she discovers the wonders of the Rats of NIMH, who they are and what their capabilities are. If she knows all of this from the beginning a lot of that is lost. And finally to what purpose would she be pretending in the first place. The answer is clear, she was innocent of foreknowledge.

What happens to the mice who get blown back in Mrs. Frisby?

The answer given in both the book and the movie are that the mice who were blown away, were lost and perished. Although this fact is never confirmed and there has been much speculation about what could have happened to them. How would they survived, what would they see in the aftermath of NIMH? Why wouldn't they help warn the rats? I personally started to write a story exploring this.

What color fur does Mrs. Frisby/Brisby have?

In the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH she is described as field mouse. In the movie The Secret of NIMH her fur is brown, with her face and front a lighter tan color.

What if Jenner had found the amulet in The Secret of NIMH?

This is a really interesting question. In the movie Jenner seems to lust for power, backed by his partner/lackey Sullivan they set out to thwart the plan to move to Thorn Valley and take control of the rats. But would the amulet have helped him in his goal? He certainly desired it, but Nicodemus states, "Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it's there." Now this could just be rhetoric but let's take it at face value. What does it mean to have courage of the heart? It means that your willing to put your heart on the line, to love and care for someone deeply, to open your heart and trust. These are not qualities that Jenner exhibits in the movie.

On the other hand perhaps "Courage of the Heart" isn't the only way to weild the stone and Jenner is able to use it to further his goals. In this case we can assume that Jenner would use it to install himself in a position of power and squash any plans of moving to Thorn Valley. This would have led to the rats being in the rose bush when the people from NIMH came. The rats would have been found out and possibly an attempt to exterminate them. Of course Jenner wouldn't take this lying down which could result in human deaths and further investigation and violence escalating into a battle that would most likely end with the remaining rats completely exterminated or hunted down and forced into deep hiding. All in all letting Jenner weild the power of the stone would have most likely had dire consquences for the future of the rats of NIMH.

Does Mrs. Frisby explain to her children how her husband died?

In both the book and movie we know that she never discovered how her husband, Jonathan Brisby, died until she meets Nicodemus. It might be assumed that she shared the information she discovered with her children but it isn't clear.

What was the blast of air that flattened nicodemus's ear as he the rats and the mice were escaping?

The rats and mice escaped from NIMH through the ventilation ducts of the air conditioning system. The blast of air was the fans kicking in as the system turned on.

Are these really frequently asked questions?

No, these really aren't. They are a random selection of questions I've noticed coming from search engines and a few of my own. (Like this one) It really should just be questions & answers but that just doesn't have the same ring to it.


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