The Secret of NIMH Cast

The Brisby Family

Mrs. BrisbyElizabeth Hartman
Teresa BrisbyShannen Doherty
Martin BrisbyWil Wheaton
Cynthia BrisbyJodi Hicks
Timothy BrisbyIan Fried

Miscellaneous Cast

Mr. AgesArthur Malet
The Great OwlJohn Carradine
Jeremy the CrowDom DeLuise
Miss RightEdie McClurg
Auntie ShrewJohn Carradine

The Rats

NicodemusDerek Jacobi
JustinPeter Strauss
JennerPaul Shenar
SullivanAldo Ray
Councilman 1Norbert Auerbach
Councilman 2Dick Kleiner
Councilman 3Charles Champlin

The Fitzgibbons

Farmer FitzgibbonsTom Hatten
Mrs. FitzgibbonsLucille Bliss
Billy FitzgibbonsJoshua Lawrence


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