The Secret of NIMH Board Game!

SKILL REQUIRED: Counting ability

CONTENTS: Gameboard, 45 Cards, Playing Pieces, Spinner, Instruction Sheet

          It's my very own Secret of NIMH Game! This is probably the coolest Secret of NIMH article I have ever owned. (The only other one I have is the DVD) Anyway I'm thrilled, I got it for a great price at Deseret Industries and its in pretty good condition too.

          The box, while slightly tattered, is solid. I managed to remove the tape that was holding it shut without damaging it further. And when I opened it I found that it had all the pieces, except for two plastic game pieces.

          It did have all the other pieces though, two plastic markers (red & blue), the board, the spinner, all 45 cards (9 amulet, 6 jenner, 6 tractor, 6 brutus, 6 owl, 6 mr. ages, 6 dragon), and the instruction sheet (personalized by the previous owners, Kristen and Anne Stucki)

          I've even played it and for a game that only requires counting it an amusing diversion. I mean its amusing in some ways just to look at the board and the cards with there art. I enjoyed playing it, even though I lost my first time, can you believe that. Of course you can, its based on random spins of the Spinner!

          The instructions are pretty simple, but someone requested that I post them and I think it's just cool to have them. There are only four pages and they should be readable, if you can't make it out, feel free to ask and I'll tell ya.

          In any case I think its really nifty and I have more pictures to edit and put up, so this page really isn't done yet, its a work in progress but I want to post what I got so far.


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