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Dec 9, 2009

A great calamity has come to pass. Geocities has been annihilated. This site was hosted there for over 8 years. Fortunately, everything was already saved or was recoverable. In fact, in a surprising turn of events, Web Ring actually took over the entire site from geocities. But for now I don't feel that is good enough. This is why I'm moving it to a new server I have much more control over.

Unfortunately, all the links that went to geocities, now go nowhere. I had intended to put a redirect up there, but never got around to it in time, and now it is too late. Still I can ask some people to update there bookmarks and links, but that will take time. And what I really want to do is clean this site up a bit before I go to that effort. Of course that really doesn't make sense, since it's doubtful that I'll really add much in any case.

In any case thank you for coming, I'll be making this site more findable again shortly!

June 17, 2008

It's been over a year since my last update. I was just fixing of a few links and such. Because even if I'm not adding anything I do want to keep my site in good shape. I don't want it to end up like those other sites that slowly get link rot and then just disappear.

And incredibly enough, I actually updated some of the main graphic and the pages banner. The old version just looked horrible. It had a lot of artifacts in it. No not the ancient kinds you dig up, but from jpeg compression. Also the banner to link to this site, was originally done in MS Paint which is really hard to make something shiny in so now there is a shiny version. Go check it out on the links page!

I have considered moving the SON Plain to another location where it would be easier to update and manage, but then that would break all the links that come here. So it there are some disadvantages in doing that. In any case, thanks for dropping by!

Nov 31, 2006

Hey, I just realized how horribly out of date my links section was and how so very long ago I updated. So I fixed the broken links and I'm very very sorry to see that the Big NIMH Quiz has dissapeared. This is really quite sad news. Other than that everything is the same, which is a shame, I really should update things a bit more

Nov 4, 2004

Just a quick warning this entry is just a bit random and has not been proofread
          I was among the many who voted November 2 and it felt pretty good. I was nervous and scared, well mainly because I had never voted before and really wasn't sure about the process. I knew I was registered since I had my registration card and I registered when I got my drivers license a few years ago, but still I was nervous. It was at a lace where I have never been before, in the dark of the night I went to unfamiliar places to see unfamiliar faces and do new and important things that might have an impact on my life.
          Or so I thought. In hindsight I wonder if my voting mattered at all. The state in which I'm voting isn't really one of those crucial swing states like Ohio turned out to be but still I thought that I should make my voice be heard. I was just one in a million though and it's very hard to be heard over all of that. I suppose you can guess that the candidate I voted for didn't when. No, I didn't vote for John Kerry and obviously I didn't vote f George Bush. No I voted for one of the "other" candidates. One of the candidates that no one hears about because? I don't know why rally. There must be enough people who know they exist to get them on the ballot in the first place and somebody has to put up those few signs that advertise their existence. But why?
          To answer that question I suppose it would be easiest to examine my own reasons for voting. Simply stated both major candidates supported something I was utterly against. That is the war with Iraq. It really isn't a surprise that I would be against such actions because in general I tend toward pacifism. I tent to sit back and let things happen. I have an extreme distaste for violence which in part comes from what I was taught while growing up So I admit I do not like war in any shape or form. I wasn't really pleased when we declared war on terror and set out to get Osama bin Laden, but I can understand that and even though I might wish to be able to forgive that really isn't my place. I lost nothing from the attack on the World Trade Center. If I never turned on the TV that day, I would have never noticed. So I can understand the need to go get the bad guy, I can relate to that, in fact part of me would feel great pleasure in seeing him and anyone who helped dragged out and hanged. I'm sure most of the world would gladly deliver such retribution for the atrocity committed on September 11, 2001.
          What I don't understand is a war with Iraq. There have been hundreds of evil and generally bad rulers of various sorts in history. There are many holding office in many countries right now, of course evil is a very relative term. But why did we attack Iraq? Sure Saddam Hussein was a potential threat but did he attack us? He had potential to I'm sure but who doesn't? I guess my thoughts start to fall apart here because I really don't know enough of the details. But We as Americans were told that we knew that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that they were insane enough to use them. But to me it seems there are several countries that fit that description, the good old USA included. Hey wait a minute we did. We attacked Iraq with bombs and guns (AKA weapons of mass destruction) I mean how massive does massive have to be? We have huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons that we could set off at a moments notice and yet if someone were to invade us calling a preemptive strike on the imminent American threat we'd call foul play. But that is exactly what we did in my eyes.
          There has been talk of the oppression of the people there but there is so much we could have done about that without bombing there homes. We could open our borders to refugees, but we don't we have are own perfect society where we know best because we are 'safe' we have homeland security. It all seems like such a bunch of crap, lies deceit and other awful nasty things that I'd really rather not mention because it just seems so messed up.
          In any case that is the main reason I did not vote for John Kerry or George Bush, they both supported this stupid war that as far as I can see is just waiting to or asking someone to come attack us, get the whole world pissed at us. Now the world in general is a pretty good judge I think, but what do I know? I'm just some guy with an uneducated opinion. I guess what annoys me most is that I didn't even see the libertarian, constitutional or other parties mentioned. Although it was interesting that Ralph Nader got some votes. Maybe I should have voted for him so I would feel like I at least contributed to something. But thing is that I don't really know about the Green party and what it stands for and I'd rather help support my little brother who really seems to have the fire of freedom and liberty growing deep inside him. Sure it's small at the moment but I'm sure with a little fanning and guidance he could become extremely influential and get something done.
          I suppose it even possible that I could make a difference but for me to really see that happening I need to find out what I believe and stop being afraid to share it. Anyway thanks for listening. I hope you all live happy prosperous lives and may whatever spiritual guidance you aspire to always be with you.

Sept 16, 2004

          It's really hard to believe that it is 2004 already and not just that it's almost 2005. It's been 10 months since my last update and that wasn't very much of an update at all. I would like to apologize to anyone who has come here in that time hoping for an update only to see the exact same thing, but I really don't have much to add. I do have a bit but I don't feel it's worth the effort.

          It's more than that though. I still really love the book and the movie and I think all the fan art and sites dedicated to it are wonderful. But my heart really isn't in working with it anymore. I've been part of this community in some way for several years now. But I don't feel part of any community and I don't feel like I've made any worthwhile contributions to it.

          I'm really just making excuses, but they're my excuses to make. But I do have something, seeing how NIMHmuck appears to have an actual stable site I've updated the link, so everything should work correctly now.

Nov 2, 2003

          I was recently reading a book on web design and it says that having a black background is a bad idea. I personally like the way it looks, but of course, if any of you feel different, please tell me I'd love to have input.

          As for an update, I really don't have much of one. The NIMHmuck address has changed again and now available at port 4567. I think I liked 3737 better than 4567 but well times change. I know that the probability of anyone actually reading this is actually low. But I like to write it all the same. It at least gives my site some content because I never seem to be able to get around to doing any of my NIMH related projects. I've got lots of fun, ideas but they all take time and effort and there never seems to be enough of either. Well and some of the things need resources that just aren't available on free geocity sites.

July 17, 2003 Instruction Cover
          Hey I've got a new update, I was actually inspired to do this one as someone e-mailed me and asked me to post the instructions to my Secret of NIMH game. so they could actually play the one they bought. Anyway so I have the instructions now up to view, so go ahead and see them, right here!

Yeah thats pretty much it, don't have much else to say at the moment. Maybe later in a few days or months or whenever I next get inspired to put something up here. Till then, Happy NIMHing

April 17, 2003 The Secret of NIMH Game
          He's mad I tell you absolutely mad! Or at least somewhat thrilled. Just the other day I bought my very first Secret of NIMH collectible. In case you haven't guessed by the picture, I have purchased my very own, one of a kind Secret of NIMH Game! That's right, and in honour of this momentous occasion I have started updating my site and creating a page just for my one collectible.

April 2, 2003
          Hey geuss what, I just made a huge update to my site adding all sorts of cool stuff! Ok actually just - April Fools! Ok that really wasn't funny. I could have made this site really interesting by now but I haven't and so what it really needs is just more content. A reason to stay for more than 2 minutes. I have actually had some really cool ideas in my opinion but I haven't implemented any of them. I probably should though. The only thing that I really changed in this update, is my e-mail address. I have had the incorrect one listed up here for who knows how long. Sorry about that for those who have tried to e-mail me.

November 13, 2002
          The world hasn't come to an end, which in my opinion is a good thing. Although this site still is in disrepair! I almost managed to put something cool together to put up here but well, like a ship crashing into a dangerous rocky reef, it was dashed to pieces, although the idea is still there, maybe some of the crew survived to tell the tale? We can only hope.

August 11, 2002
          Oh how sad this is sad indeed my site has fallen into disrepair. It truly is a sad thing and I have nothing to update it with. It makes me want to weep. I'm full of ideas but lack in the time and motivation to bring them to fruitation so you are left with the humble ravings of a slightly madman Wheee! Actually I updated the splash text to :)

November 22, 2001
          The world is coming to an end head for the hills, quickly run save yourselves!!! Or perhaps I just ate to much turkey on this Thanksgiving day. You know, I'm really sorry, I don't know what I can do...this site will never be worthy of anyone's eyes, that is why I'm so glad none of you are reading this...wait a second if you just read that then you are! Well I guess I can't have it both ways, anyway sometimes the truth is more bizzare then than lies and sometimes it is the other away around. Sometimes we'll never know because, we don't know either one.

          If I have thoroughly confused then I can leave knowing that my job has been well done. But with the possibility your still here I must apologize for not posting the wonderful pieces of artwork that were sent to me. I would post them now but well (this is embarrasing) I've lost the computer that they were stored on. I know how lame is that It's sorta bizarre but I'm actually writing the update first so you'll have to look around yourselves to see if anything else has changed.

September 15, 2001
          I have to say I'm ashamed of myself. I never meant to do this like this. But I did, so many things have happened and I should have made time but I didn't, and I'm truly sorry.

November 11, 2000
          Alright, alright you can stop yelling at me, I know I'm over due for an update, and well here it is. I've fixed some minor glitches. Most importantly though, I put up two new pictures, on my fanart page, and I'd be glad to put up anyone elses there to if they wish. September 24, 2000
          Yes It's time once again for an update, well all I did this time around was revamp the look of a few of my other pages and fix up a couple links. Not much to speak of really. Oh and I made a new title graphic for my page.

August 25, 2000
          In case you are blind and haven't noticed, I just made a real honest to goodness update, yes stop looking like you don't believe me! that's right I'm talking to you. Well if you didn't notice, this must be the first time you've ever been here. For that section of you'll I'll just mention that I completely re-did the design of the opening page Woo-Hoo. In other news. while this is not an actual update to my page I have actually gone and scanned some of my drawing so those should be up soon the reason why they're not here is to stupid to explain. Oh and one last thing this is the first page I've made in html so if I made any stupid mistakes please tell me so I can fix them and noone else will see them. Thankyou

August 19, 2000
          Suprise suprise, I actually found a few seconds to do my annual update that really isn't an update, well goodnight. Sorry I don't have anything for you today.

August 12, 2000
          Eventually I'm actually going to have to really update something but all I've got for you this week is a notice that I won't be having my annual update next saturday, but possibly in that two week interum of no updates I just might possibly get some of my artwork up here, or maybe not, well goodnight.

August 5, 2000
          I have to say for an update that last one was bad even for me. In case you were wondering what that first sentence means as far as I can translate it correctly it says " Me I Think I've hit rock bottom on my updates" how it came out that bad I'll never know. Anyway I actually made a real update but, I'm not going to say what and just see if anybody can spot it before this next saturday.

July 22.2000
          Merr I hditk I'we ceagdei a tem rom ot by upiahen. And this is it. I mean it this is it. Don't believe me? Well that's your own problem.

July 14,2000
          Updates, updates everywhere, but not a change to see well anyways I am again notifying you of a lack of updateing Although I am planning on revamping my site so it will look a bit nicer and be easier to find things. Like my survey that I haven't got any responses for yet. Well that's all till next week.

July 8,2000
          Well I've gotten a summer job while in many ways this is good it means I have less time to work on this. the only thing I've done is I made and update page so that only the latest update will be here and the rest will be on my updates page here. Also since I'll only be able to acsess a computer to work on this thing during the weekend. I'll do all my updates (or excuses) then, so until next week.

June 24, 2000
          Well, what can I say this isn't really an update it's more of an excuse. I have been desperately trying to get one of the two scanners that have fallen into my possession working so that I may scan my drawing but, it is really annoying neither of them will work at all. I've also made slight progress on my Fanfic, The Lost Six. but not enough I feel to warrant an update on that so it remains the same. So anyways this is just to tell all the people who care this site is not forgotten it is just experiencing some technical difficulties.

June 6, 2000
          About time I got around to updating this page, well I've added an interactive thing that would be easier if you just went and checked it out HERE. I also finished the paragraph I left off on my story, I'm having a little trouble at this part I want to get it so you learn everything but it doesn't just restate the book, I'll get it though. you can check it out what I've changed but it really isn't worth the bother at this point also. I really need to add some type of disclaimer thingy. Busy busy busy. Most Importantly though I have been added to the Secret of NIMH ring. Guess what that means, It means that if you look hard enough you might find something worthwhile here or at least a laugh or to at how pathetic, Seriously though it is getting better and will continue that way.

May 28, 2000
          Well I finally added a graphics page and well it has one original graphic. I have yet to get at a scanner to scan my drawing but at least it's something interesting to look forward to. Anyway I'll also soon add at least a small update to my story which I'm sorry about leaving off in mid-sentence don't worry I won't let that happen again!

May 27, 2000
          Added the Secret of NIMH ring banner at the bottom of my page in hopes of being added and organized things a bit

May 23, 2000
          Well I made a quaint little banner for people to use in case they wish to have a banner to link to my site and that can be found here on my links page. That's all for now but I should have some more coming up and I might be moving to a different server soon so I'll see have how that goes.

May 17,2000
          Guess what folks I forgot to date my last couple update oh well doesn't matter much anyways, Well I have added a real links page which can be found here. And that's it for now but I thought that I might like to point out that this page is still very young and there is still much more to come. For instance I haven't even bothered advertising this page because it is still very much under construction. Not to mention it looks pretty bad at the moment and I might end up moving it somewhere else.


This website was created purely for the further enjoyment of the things created there in. I in no way intend to trample upon the rights of the people who created the stuff I put here. So please tell me if I have something of yours that you wish me to remove and please ask me if you wish to use any of my stuff. And in case you think I've missed something important in my disclaimer please tell me so that I might remedy it immediately. Thankyou